Tips for Video Interviews

By Felicia Tatum, Creative Career Solutions CEO

In this trying time of the coronavirus, many face-to-face interviews are now video interviews. While many companies have utilized video software for interviewing in the past, it’s more essential than ever now. Below are a few tips on how to remain confident and professional when interviewing from your home or car.

Tip #1: Dress for Success

No matter where you may be interviewing from, you want to dress as sharply as you would if you were meeting at the company’s location. Dress clothes, minimal accessories, and neat hair/makeup. Depending on where you will be interviewing, you want to make sure your outfit doesn’t look ridiculous against your background.

Tip #2: Choose a Quiet Place

If interviewing at home, find a quiet place where you can close out external sounds (other people in the home, pets, TVs, etc.). If you can’t find a quiet room, you can absolutely go to your car and lock yourself in! If you are interviewing at your workplace, I suggest you lock your office/conference room to ensure you aren’t interrupted and let others know you are indisposed for the allotted time.

Tip #3: Test Equipment

I suggest you set up at least an hour before the interview to ensure your computer doesn’t need updates, the correct software in installed, and your sound is working correctly. Trust me, I’ve been late to several meetings due to all three issues and it’s not something you want to experience when interviewing! It could leave a negative impression on the interviewer.

Tip #4: Prepare, Prepare, Prepare!

Research the company, your interviewer, and the job description. Write down any questions you have and have a pen/paper in front of you. Questions can be about the company, the culture, the team, the position, or specific topics spoken about in the interview.

Tip #5: Remain Confident

Being on video can cause you to feel nervous and insecure. These are already prevalent issues during an interview, so try your best to remain calm, maintain eye contact, and focus on the questions and not the fact your face is on camera. I promise, no one looks as bad as they think they do 🙂

If you utilize the previous tips in your next video interview, you will be one step closer to your dream job! Good luck and keep in touch by signing up for news! When you sign up, you’ll get a free copy of the 5 Key Elements of a Professional Resume straight in your inbox!

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