How to Write a Career Change Resume

There comes a time in all of our lives when a change is necessary. It may be your hair, your relationships, your city, or even your job. What do you write on your resume when you’re changing careers? Is any of the experience you have even relevant anymore? Read below for the best strategies to use when writing a resume for a career change.

Focus on the Strengths

A lot of times, when making a career change, the soft skills are going to be most beneficial to highlight on the resume. You should focus on your communications, relationship building, time management, problem solving, and multitasking skills throughout your resume.

Highlight the Skills You Will Need in the New Role

To find the key skills of the job role, you should study the job description. Under the qualifications/job duties, you will find the qualities necessary for the job. Go through and write down each you have experience in so you can highlight them on your new resume for a career change. This will show the hiring manager that while you may not have every quality,  you have quite a few and will make a good match.

Showcase Relevant Volunteer Experience or Education

A great way to showcase skills and abilities you have necessary for the job you want is to list courses/projects from your schooling and/or listing volunteer experience related to the topic. You can list the volunteer experience under community involvement or professional experience, depending on how often you volunteer.

Writing a career change resume can be challenging, but is not a feat that can’t be overcome. If you need assistance, please reach out via contact page with questions or see our services here.

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