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8+ Years of Professional writing experience

USA Today Bestselling Author, Certified Professional Resume Writer, Certified Employment Interview Professional, and MBA with a focus in Human Resources graduate well-equipped to assist you in your job search and improve your interviewing skills.

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Creative Career Solutions is here to make sure your resume is seen and that you find the career that is meant for you. In today’s landscape finding any job can seem futile. Is this a struggle you can relate to? Do you battle with writing your resume? You don’t know what skills to promote? The idea of landing an interview scares you? That's why I started Creative Career Solutions. My name is Felicia Tatum and I know exactly what finding a job and writing a winning resume entails. Since completing my Bachelor of Science in HR and my MBA with a concentration in HR, I have written in a professional capacity. I have 13 published works, many articles, and have written thousands of resumes. I have traveled that weary road, waiting for that phone call that never came. Hoping some employer would see I was their ideal candidate. I have 8 years of professional writing experience and have spent 4 years heavily focused on resume writing. You can be confident that I am well-equipped to assist you in your job search and to improve your interviewing skills. I will ensure your best accomplishments are showcased while making sure they satisfy professional and ATS requirements. You can have a resume that highlights your best skills and lands on your dream recruiter’s desk.

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Felicia has more than 7 years of experience in professional writing, 3 of those focused on resume writing. She is well-equipped to assist you in your job search and to improve your interviewing skills. By leveraging her capabilities in action-based writing while showcasing your greatest achievements and meeting professional/ATS requirements, you can rest assured your resume will highlight your best skills and land on recruiters’ desks!